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Spironolactone Interfering with Conception

During October 2015 I have met two new clients both being prescribed Spironolactone for skin complaints.

Spironolactone is a water tablet and is known to interfere with conception.

Both of these women have been referred to fertility clinics and one was actually offered the opportunity to purchase a round of IVF via a private clinic who felt while she has nothing medically wrong due to the length of time trying it would be an idea to consider this now.

She would have made the clinic aware of her medication at the time of the initial consultation. So why did the doctor not advise her of the known side effects of the drug and tell her to seek advice from the doctor who prescribed it.

Likelihood in both cases a natural pregnancy will occur just months after stopping taking this medication.

Chances of a pregnancy through IVF while on this drug are as likely as a natural pregnancy occurring. Why on earth does this level of negligence still occur??!!!