Another positive result

Getting this off a client will always make me grin like a fool.

Victoria Miles

Natural management

Feeling the love today. Sperm analysis in and after only 2 months of treatment motility goes from 0.9% to a whopping 15%

No drugs used or any expensive fads. Natural management all the way.

Giraffes are now my fav too

I made our 1st baby book last night and added a very special page! It’s the story of our baby’s first 12 weeks and without Victoria BabyFarm Miles being in it there would be a large piece missing! After 3 years of trying and being discharged by PCH as they could no longer help me I found a miracle worker!

EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT STARTS WITH A DECISION TO TRY! Any I’m so glad I did. Thank you for giving me my strength back and making me laugh when I’d almost forgotten how to. You gave me your TIME and most precious GIFT of all. Thanks, thanks and EVER thanks xxx

P.S giraffes are now my fav too 🙂 xxx

Healthy little boy

Healthy little boy! 9lb 3oz born on Friday.

Thank you so much for all your help through my tough time! You made is possible for my little man to be here. xxx


“Omg I just came across an old text been meaning to text you for ages! It’s Sue here (you may not remember me) but you can add another success story to your farm! My boy is 1 year old, so I got pregnant in the January after I saw you! Hope you are well! Xx”

Client Semen Analysis

Below are 2 examples of Client semen analysis as compared to the WHO 2010 Semen Analysis Report.

Laura (30) and Dale (33)

Progressive motility WHO reference value >32

  • 21-10-2015 – 17.7%
  • 18-11-2015 – 37.6%

Clare (42) and Dave (35)

Normal forms WHO reference value >4

  • 14-08-2017 – 2%
  • 16-11-2017 – 8%

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