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Online Assessment Plan

For those clients who are unable to commit to, or are not suitable for, our hands on therapy based plans, a very successful alternative is now available.

Details of the Online Consultancy Plan:

A full and in-depth consultation which is based on medical history and lifestyle is taken in an appointment that lasts approximately 1 hour. You will be fully assessed, and a detailed plan will be written to get you in a better position to conceive naturally or optimise your chances of successful IVF.

After the initial consultation and the detailed plan is agreed you will be offered email and phone contact over a period of 4 weeks. This can of course be increased if necessary.

The plan will use your health and lifestyle data to form an accurate and precise guided treatment plan that will help you achieve your goal in a step by step format

Cost of Online Consultation:

Cost of a full consultation and 4 weeks of support that include a weekly video call is £300