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Welcome to our website. Here you can find information on our services, what the costs of treatment are and how to access our trusted IVF partners. The intention when Baby Farm Group was born back in 2006 was to bridge the gap between medical intervention and holistic practice. This is extremely important because medical intervention concentrates on the problem you have presented with, while holistic practices look at the root cause of the issue and this is known to improve outcomes.

We offer an all encompassing and inclusive list of services to meet the needs of fertility clients. We have experience in all areas of fertility intervention and all areas of medical diagnosis known to affect conception. The treatments we offer are:

  • Clinical Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Nutritional advice
  • Intimacy coaching
  • Ayurvedic practice
  • Doula support
  • Coming in 2021 Advanced NLP
  • Coming 2021 Advanced CBT
  • Grief and Bereavement Counselling.

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Victoria Miles, Managing Director & Founder of Baby Farm Group

Our primary aim is to offer you access to the best fertility treatment, education, empowerment and support. To ensure a smooth, happy, calm and successful treatment plan we have a number of highly experienced and well qualified staff, to carry out your treatments and maintain your motivation throughout. We are members of several professional bodies and all staff hold full and current insurance. We do offer home visits for those who do not want to attend a clinic setting or if we feel being in the comfort of your own home will be more beneficial to your outcomes.

Each plan is totally unique to your circumstances and is written for you based on your medical history and needs. Our success rates are over 90% since 2017 and those clients who joined us during the second lockdown in 2020 all achieved their desired outcomes. We look forward to hearing from you.

6 ways Baby Farm Group can help you

Feeling happy and comfortable with your plan and how it works is just as important as the treatments themselves.

Experienced professionals

Baby Farm Group has over a decades worth of experience and has worked successfully with couples who have a broad range of fertility hampering issues. In 2017 we maintained over a 90% success rate, with all of our PCOS clients falling pregnant. 

Clinically trained staff

To ensure a smooth, happy, calm and successful treatment plan we have a number of highly experienced and well qualified staff to offer support and motivation at all times.

Effective treatments

In 2017 we maintained over a 90% success rate, with all of our PCOS clients falling pregnant. 

Helpful & friendly staff

We understand that the plan is all about you, so if you feel more comfortable at home, we will happily come to you. You can even choose if we wear our uniform or not!

Success stories

Here you can read some of the stories about couples that we have worked with and the successful journey that they had with Baby Farm Group.

Lots of great results

Some comments and feedback from some very happy couples.
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07973 705961

07973 705961

Have any questions?
Call us now!

A Full Range of Fertility Services

The Baby Farm Mission Statement is to help anyone who comes into contact with us, as fertility should not be a lonely journey, to educate people correctly for their individual circumstances; afford them positive and healthy options and shine a light at the end of the tunnel.

Full consultation

A full and in depth consultation which is based on medical history and lifestyle. You will be fully assessed and a detailed plan will be written to get you in a better position to conceive naturally or optimise your chances of successful IVF.
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Pre-treatment consultation

Each new client receives  a pre-treatment consultation. The appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes and consiste of a fertility health check and agreement between client and therapist of how they would like the plan to proceed.
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Treatment plan

A typical plan will start out with weekly treatments for four weeks and then spread out to 4 x fortnightly, 4 x three weekly and then once a month or until the desired result is achieved.
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Fertility reflexology

Fertility reflexology effectively balances out hormones and encourages good circulation and a better mental state of mind. All factors being extremely important to conceive.
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Maternity reflexology

As birth approaches we can help you get ready for the big day with encouraging labour by stimulating the necessary hormone production and teach you some great coping mechanisms to get through the birth itself.
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Corporate services

We have developed great relationships with the medical sector since 2006, whilst we were doing this we have explored the two sectors that would significantly improve the live birth rates for natural and medically managed conceptions.
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