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IVF through the eyes of a Clinical Reflexologist

IVF has been sold as a quick and easy way to become parents. This could not be further from the truth.

Statistically IVF has an extremely low success rate, and added to the fact that most clinics do not put together a lifestyle plan to work alongside the treatment, it is no surprise most are disappointed at least once if not multiple times.

My very first client back in 2005 – while I was still training  as a Clinical Reflexologist– was a lady aged 39 who had endometriosis, had lost one fallopian tube several years prior to meeting me and then lost the other due to an ectopic pregnancy.

IVF through a private clinic was sought. I treated her once a week for 8 weeks. Her husband was not interested in having reflexology, but they both followed the lifestyle changes I suggested very precisely. Neither was particularly slim or active when we began.

The treatment, was a success and following a trouble free pregnancy their daughter was born the following summer.

This is a heart warming story and could mislead people into assuming that IVF alone might just work. The following year they had a second attempt and everything was the same in terms of the IVF, but they decided to go it alone. Unfortunately it failed.

Another interesting factor for couples to consider when they visit a private clinic for testing.

A private fertility clinic has the sole intention of selling IVF. If you have gone to them because you feel you need some form of intervention, it is their intention to offer you an IVF package whether you need it or not. So, when all tests come back clear, and the diagnosis is unexplained, it is very wise to go away and talk about things that might be stopping you conceiving (at this point you know you are medically sound) before signing up to a very expensive and very probable disappointment. If these clinics did not sell their products they would not stay in business. It is frequently at this point I meet couples who are shocked at the suggestion they can buy a round of IVF and first want to investigate something more natural. In 10 years of practising I am yet to see a couple not fall pregnant under these circumstances.

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