About Baby Farm Group Online

We offer a number of online clinical services you can utilise from the comfort of your own home.

These programs were written to offer a good level of service to any couples or individuals who are either unable to attend clinic or would prefer not to.

With circumstances as they currently are due to coronavirus we are reducing the cost of these services to make them more accessible.

Our most popular online plan is a weekly WhatsApp video call or Skype meeting that assesses progress and gives clients the opportunity to discuss worries and gather as much information to support their personal situation as possible.

To start this plan we book a 40 minute consultation appointment which allows us to plan together with you exactly what we need to target and include in the plan.

Each plan is totally unique and the more information we have to start with the more inclusive the plan will be.

We ask clients to provide a full medical history and we are able to incorporate any treatment you will be having once medical facilities are able to open again.

The plan will include working together on any health issues, any emotional worries, diet, hydration and exercise.

The consultation cost is £40. Each session thereafter is £30.

We recommend 4 sessions in the first instance. After the fourth session most clients have some fortnightly sessions or once a month sessions until conception happens or they undergo medical intervention usually IVF.

To talk to us about this plan or discuss other options please use the contact us link.

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