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Get your fertility freak on

Get your fertility freak on. The very first rule of successful fertility management.

Today I am able to throughly enjoy indulgently writing to a female audience. Something that I cant do in my day to day work life as fertility is very much something that affects both sexes. I do however see that often it is only the women who truly throw themselves into find resolutions when something goes wrong. Whether this is right or wrong remains an unanswered question, but it generally is women I spend the majority of my time with. I would love this to change, but while our education of younger generations does not included fertility health I am dubious this will happen.

I love to empower my clients to take the reigns with their fertility journey and I therefore spend time looking at emotional as well as medical issues.

Fertility relies on the chemical interaction in our brains relaying communication to our hormone producing organs to ensure that they send the right hormone to the right place and in the right quantity at the right time in our cycle. Simple? Not really as the chemical interactions in our brains are affected by every single thing we do.

So a woman’s fertility is directly linked to her health and emotional well being as well as the environment that she lives and works in.

Water - Fertility boost

Let’s put a happy spin on this.

For your body to work at its optimum level you can make some basic changes to get maximum results.

In one month you can fundamentally change the course of your health. Which in turn can change the outlook of your chance of conception. Be it natural or through medically controlled intervention such as IVF. Prolonged changes and continuity will mean that not only does your body have a healthy pattern to follow but you will generally feel better, healthier, more positive and look better for it too.

Let’s get started. What is the very first step to improvement. It’s water. Yes really, it’s as basic as that.

Generally we all understand that our body needs water every day and most of us could tell you that the intake should be around 2 litres for an average sized person daily. It’s also a fair assumption that most will also know that our body is made up by over 70% water so we need to replenish this for healthy cell regrow. Where we slip up is understanding the importance of when we drink water and how we drink it.

When my clients start a treatment plan the first week they get home work as follows:

  • On waking drink 500ml water. Optimise this by having hot water with a slice of fresh lemon. Why lemon? Well, it is known for its detoxifying properties and while it is an acidic fruit, on hitting the stomach it actually has a neutralising effect. This means you start the day well and it will naturally reduce any chance of acid reflux and heart burn. Add a slice of fresh ginger if you’d like to boost your immune system naturally. Hot water helps the lemon and ginger infuse into the water and so the benefit is bigger.
  • Mid morning have a 250ml drink of water.
    Before eating lunch have a 250ml drink of water.
  • After lunch, if needed, or mid afternoon a 250ml drink of water.
  • Before dinner a 250ml drink of water and again after dinner a 250ml drink of water and finally another 250ml drink during the evening.

This would be the smallest amount of water through the day and any tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol do not count as part of this intake. Drinking more when thirsty, hot or sick is also important.
This is a daily routine, to be done seven days a week and 365 days a year if you want your body to perform better.

This is habit forming behaviour and soon enough you will be drinking the necessary amount of water without needing to measure or think about it.

What happens when we drink this amount of water i hear you cry? Well, initially you will spend a fair amount of time visiting the loo. But once your body has adjusted to the change you will go no more than you did previously. This is because the water is being put to use to run your bodies basic needs properly. What you will find is you feel like a better version of you within a very short period of time. This is always a surprise to my clients and once they realise we haven’t even looked at food or stress they become very excited because imagine how amazing they feel after the other changes!

While this basic concept may seem unimportant, it is always a notable fact when I’m consulting that people get caught up with the complexities of fertility like “what if my womb is hostile to his sperm and there is nothing to be done to stop this” Yes this really is a “thing” but its such a small likelihood and the womb is far more hostile if its not being given the very basic thing that keeps us alive.

So start from the very beginning with your basic nutritional needs if you want to be in a better position. In reality we might eat well, go to the gym and think positive thoughts, but if we don’t have well hydrated cells then no matter how good the rest of it is our internal transport system isn’t going to work as well as it should.

Our transport system or blood, carries everything we need around our body. Would our car run without petrol? Would our lights work without electricity? Nope. So if you want your body to run to its optimal level, the very first thing you do is drink the right amount of water.

This is just the beginning. Taking control is easier than you think. It doesn’t cost time or necessarily money. Just means indulging yourself by investing in you. Self love is the basis of why we would do this. Feel happier, look better, know you are feeding your body and mind.

Once you master this you are ready to take on anything. I’d relish some feedback from anyone who tries this out and any topics that you are interested in me writing about please feel free to send them over to